Recognizing Guitar Patterns

Once all the basics, confidence and accuracy are honed by a guitarist, the most difficult task has to be completed in order to become a fully complete guitarist who would never have any problems when covering a rock song, recognizing the rhythms played on a rock song or any other tasks associated with rock songs and guitar solos. One may learn to play guitar within 3 months but honing this difficult task may sometimes take a year or two. This difficult task is the recognition of different guitar patterns and remembering them overtime. As every guitarist may know, recognizing guitar patterns is one of the most difficult tasks when it comes to plying and listening to a guitar. This task has three very simple steps which may lead a guitarist to recognize guitar patterns and replay them.

Step1. The guitarist may use YouTube and other video engines to search for guitar solos and rock song covers. In these videos, it will prove to be a lot easier for an amateur guitarist to figure out what strumming patterns the guitarist who is playing the cover of a rock song is using. This recognition can enable the amateur guitarist to identify and play the same patterns on his own and practice them from time to time.

Step 2. Over time, practicing different patterns on the guitar will help an amateur guitarist understand what guitar patterns are mostly used and which guitar pattern is mostly used in which situation. Such skills will make the guitarist hone is recognition skills when it comes to recognizing guitar patterns.
Step 3. In the long run of things, it is only natural that the guitarist will eventually recognize guitar patterns without any help from any kind of music video or guitar solo but only by listening to rock songs.
All in all, if these four stages are covered by someone who is beginning to learn to play guitar, he might just end up becoming a very successful guitarist in the future.

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