Play acoustic guitar with lessons on dvd

The acoustic guitar is probably the most popular instrument around. How ever I think that only a small number of people who buy one actually learn to play the acoustic guitar well.

This article will review the benefits and disadvantages of learning to play acoustic guitar on your own using guitar lesson dvds.

Disadvantages of Learning to Play Acoustic Guitar at Home

In order to learn to play the acoustic guitar at home There is one major thing you must have. That is discipline, without discipline you could have the best guitar lesson dvd but you still need to watch the lessons and practice regularly.

Benefits of Learning to Play Acoustic Guitar from dvds

By far the biggest benefit to learn to play acoustic guitar on your own is the freedom to practice when ever you want, and watch your lessons when ever you want.

One frustration I used to have when I took private guitar lessons was that I wanted to learn quicker then the one lesson a week I was taking. When I first purchased an acoustic guitar lesson dvd I found that I was able to watch two or three lessons a week and practice more. This allowed me to learn faster, and get an even better understanding of what I was learning.

Other notable benefits of learning acoustic guitar from dvd are:

You can review lessons as often as you want since they’re all on dvd
It’s easy to review past lessons at no extra cost to you
There’s only a one time fee rather then monthly costs like private guitar lessons
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What to look for in an Acoustic Guitar Lessons dvd

There are several choices to learn to play the acoustic guitar from videos, how ever they aren’t all created equal. There are a few things you should look for before forking out any cash.

Good lesson plan where each lesson builds on the next
Great video quality and a variety of shots (i.e. Closeups) to help teach techniques on your left hand
Support for the lessons so you can ask questions should they arise
Quality practice material (i.e. Printed material, or Jam cds)

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